Tempskron Tier 2 Rank Up Quest
When you reached level 20 and activated all your skills with a Tempskron class (Fighter, Mechanician, Pikeman, Archer), you will be able to perform your first rank up quest.

Go to Ricarten Town and meet Skillmaster Verkan. Click on the icon that is on the bottom of the pop-up window (if it's grey, you still need to activate all your current available skills).

Your quest is to kill three Wolverines, located in the Grasslands of the Tempskron continent. Each of these three Wolverines will drop a quest item: Tail, Horn and Claw. These items will be obtained automatically in your quest inventory when you have killed a wolverine. If you did kill a wolverine but did not obtain the quest item, it is possible that another person did more damage to the wolverine than you did, or you already obtained the quest item from this wolverine.

Name: Bronze Wolverine
Wolverine HP: 600
Wolverine XP: 4,700
Bamboo Forest
Name: Silver Wolverine
Wolverine HP: 700
Wolverine XP: 4,800
Acasia Forest
Name: Golden Wolverine
Wolverine HP: 800
Wolverine XP: 5,000
Acasia Forest


=Bronze Wolverine =Silver Wolverine =Golden Wolverine
After you killed all three Wolverines and received all three Quest items (Tail, Claw and Horn), go back to Skillmaster Verkan and get your rank up.



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