Tier 4 Rank Up Quest

When you reached lvl 60 and activated all your skills you will be able to perform your third rank up quest.

Visit Skillmaster and click on the icon that is on the bottom of the pop-up window (if it's grey, you still need to activate all your current available skills).

Part 1: Skillmaster will ask you to hunt 50 monsters in a certain map within a limited time. You can see the timer in you upper-right hand side of the screen, along with it is the counter for the monster you're going to hunt. Hunt the monsters down and upon finishing the Test, go back to your Skillmaster for the next part of the Quest.

Part 2: The Second Test is much like the First Test, but this time the monsters are much stronger than in the first part. Go hunt the monsters down and report to your Skillmaster again.

Part 3: Skillmaster will ask you to hunt a specific monster and find a Royal Amulet. After acquiring the Royal Amulet you go back to your Skillmaster to finish the Final Test.

Test 4: You will be battling the Skillmaster, so be ready. If you fail to defeat the Skillmaster you will be asked to acquire another Royal Amulet and fight the Skillmaster again. So be sure to stock up with as many potions you can carry. Upon defeating the Skillmaster he will ask you if you want to rank up, click OK and your Rank up Quest is done.




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