Test of Kingdom
Reward: +7 Statistic Points each level after level 80 (instead of 5).
Required Level: 80

Head to Derik the Commandant located in Ricarten Town to start the quest. After that get to Minuren located in Navisko Town and he will ask you to get 3 Vamps for him:
-Golden Vamp
-Silver Vamp
-Bronze Vamp

This is the list with the monsters you need to kill in order to get a Vamp.
You need to kill 1 monster in that table to get the desired Vamp.

Golden Vamp
Cursed Temple Floor 1
Styx Archon
Cursed Temple Floor 2
Silver Vamp
Battlefield of the Ancient
Slayon / HellSing
Forbidden Land
Vermun Actarun
Ancient Prison Floor 1
Vega Demitri
Ancient Prison Floor 2
Unholy Knight
Ancient Prison Floor 3
Bloody Rose
Bronze Vamp
Garden of Freedom
Bamboo Forest
Acasia Forest
Platin Mav
Refuge of the Ancients
Castle of the Lost
Ruinen Village
Grave Shakins / Bauton
Cursed Land
Guilty Gordon
Forgotten Land
Apostasy / Fright Nemyun / El Rasi Kun
Vega Demir

All Bosses can be found in Castle of the Lost on FusionPT.

After you got all 3 Vamps (Golden, Silver, Bronze), head back to Minuren in Navisko and he will give you a 'Recommendation Letter'. Bring this Letter to Derik the Commandant in Ricarten Town and your quest is complete and you will receive +7 Statistic Points for every level onward.




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