Fury Quest

Part 1: You must first talk to Royal Mage Ray to formally take the quest. He is located between the Jail Guard and Academia De Witchcraft Raymon at Pillai Town. Ray will then ask you to take on your first test and that is to hunt 50 monsters in the Heart of Perum.

Part 2: After hunting the monsters return to Ray, he will take you to the training stage wherein you will have to face defensive Fury.

Part 3: After completing the training stage you will be teleported out. Talk to Ray again and he will again ask you to hunt 100 monsters, this time, in Gallubia Valley.

Part 4: After talking to Ray again he will teleport you to the training stage wherein you are to battle Fury with increased attack power.

Part 5: As your last test, Ray will take you to the training stage wherein you will have to face balanced type Fury.

After successfully completing Ray’s consequent tests, you will be rewarded a “powerful” item.



  • You cannot undergo two quests at a time. You cannot take on this quest if you are into other rank up quest or level quest.
  • You can check your quest status by clicking on the “Q” icon located on the top left corner of your status bar or you can simply click on the “notice” button.
  • You are not allowed to use Cores or Crystals while fighting Fury.
  • You must have sixty (60) empty weight space of your inventory for you to be able to claim your reward.
  • You can transfer or trade the rewarded item via Personal Shop or simply trade it just like normal items. You can also sell it to NPC.
  • You can drop the item.
  • You cannot age or mix the item.




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