Bitter Ordeal
Reward: +10 Stat Points each level after 90 (instead of 7)
Required Level: 90

Head to Derik the Commandant located in Ricarten Town, and he will tell you to seek out the Royal Mage Ray in Pillai Town (near the Skill Master). Once you find him, he will cast a horrible curse on your soul and reduce your Attack Damage by 30%! How awful of him! After he casts his curse, you will begin to glow a shade of red, making you look like you are aged to +4. He then tells you that you must goto the very dangerous Heary of Perum and hunt 50 Omega's while you are weakened. If you lose your life, you have to start the quest all over again, but if you manage to kill all 50 of the Omega's without dieing, return to Royal Mage Ray and he will recognize you as a powerful warrior of the kingdom, and reward you with 10 Statistic Points for every level onward, instead of only 7 from the "Test of Kingdom" quest. (Hint: Magicians and Priestesses do not lose damage because their skills stay the same. Also all classes should stock up on Mana Potions and use a lot of skills to do more damage!)




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