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Announcement          28.11.2008

FusionPT Closed . As from today Fusion will be offline. Most have you will have guessed this has been coming and now its here. server has been quiet now for weeks and with only at most 2-3 players active online most of the time 0 players it is pointless keeping it open also with the closed beta of PT2 now happening and myself being in the closed beta program i have even less time to check and keep on top of the running of Fusion. So its time to close . Website will stay online in hope of PT2 server becoming possible but don't expect that to be anytime soon as game isn't even finished or released yet also for the link to our Ragnarok brother server   ASURA RO  the link is on the right side of page mention fusion and you will be greeted with a warm welcome. Forum will also stay open but have marked all new account admin only so you will be able to open new account unless i allow it so anyone wanting new account sorry  no new accounts.

I would like to thank all the players for joining in with this server also all the donations that helped with the running costs and setup costs all your accounts and chars are backed up so if you ever wanted them for a transfer to another server they are saved. and last but not least the staff and players who contributed more that just playing time who contributed so much time and effort to Fusion i will list the names in order of account date created.

Yochlol - Former Admin/Gm/Website   (put alot of time into setting fusion up and running it in the early days and helped with most of the dev of the game, Guides and first website.  was also active GM ingame)

Kizmiaz/Peaches - Former Admin/Gm/Images (Spent alot of time helping dev game making loading images contributing to webiste and very active helpful GM ingame)

                     Liam/Spike -  (My son)  Event GM who tested loads of stuff for me  on test server that alot of players didnt see also all the new stuff that we introduced in game worked so hard behind scenes and should get the credit he deserves (Very proud of him)

Creed - Former Admin/Gm/Website (Player who progressed to GM. Website your on was mostly his work i just put it together made all images for this also new loading images and Contributed alot with the new Demonic sets also active GM ingame)

Arsen -  Player ( also set up forum for us also helped with a few scripts and website issues)

Sanna - Player (had to give mention as one of most active and helpful players ingame/forum wish fusion had had more players like her)

Rixus - Forum Mod ( modded for us in forum and you wouldnt believe the ammount of message i got notifying me of porn posters from him)

Dan/Danglamstarr - GM (probably the hardest working in game GM,  Started as player but progressed through ranks to GM. Every time i logged on he was helping somone my only regret is not making him GM sooner than i did)

Kayani - GM (helped out alot ingame and never realy got chance to play game herself)

Blush - Player (my Girlfriend in real life who supported me and never nagged me while i was up all night trying to fix shit that wasnt working and develop fusionpt to be better.)

BlackHowling/Rocklagoon - Mentor ( where do i start met on an old pt server that he owned and his departure from that server spawned the creation of Fusion, Helped out behind scenes with advise and was always there when needed. Now class him as a close friend and wish him luck with Asura RO and offer my support in any way possible)

So to end Thank you all again for being a part of FusionPT i have seen nothing else but script and hex for almost 2 years now and was even at the point where i was dreaming of it  (sad i know) I am really sad to move on but glad in a way to be back in the gaming side of things for a while without having to ban hackers, check logs, find problems why this and that aren't working, spawn items ect ect. would also like to thank the devs at ragezone for helping the private pt community and Triglow Pictures for making the game (dont know if its right thanking a company who wanted all privates shut down but the made the game and deserve credit) I loved priston tale more than any other game I've played and have been apart of it since pt1 beta so FusionPT was a real honor to be part of hope to see you all in the future and if you play PT2 look me up and say hi  (il be under my char name  ingame you should all know what it)

 Take care all  Sooty - Former owner of FUSIONPT...






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